POKER DEALER COURSE- 60 hours - Unlimited Hours

Our professional Poker Dealer Course will provide the student with a complete training in all necessary aspects of the game including: handling cards, game procedures, reading hands, game protection, and dealing techniques. When you are finished with our program you will have a thorough knowledge of Poker and the terminology that goes with it. We will teach you how to run the game, control the bets and exact positions for cards and chips. We will teach you the ergonomics and proper body movements for all of the various dealer tasks.

We will also teach you how to properly set up interviews and helpful audition techniques so you can land a job anywhere. Our goal is to produce a highly confident, and capable Poker dealer. Please keep in mind that our course is designed to be completed in 60 hours however we will not charge you anything extra for additional time as we are absolutely committed to making sure you are ready and polished for your auditions.

Once you have the Casino College Certificate, you will be properly qualified to secure job auditions at any Casino, large or small.

Refresher courses and extra practice are always provided at no additional charge to our students.

Poker Course Outline

  • Security and game protection
  • Guest relations
  • Includes Seven Stud, Omaha High-Low, Texas Hold'Em & Tournaments
  • General Procedures - Blinds, collections, bonus and jackpot chips
  • Shuffle, cut and strip, boxed cards, exposed cards
  • Dealing, pitch up, flip pitch, holding the deck and controlling the cards
  • Appearance, attitude, walking the game and not the players
  • Bet Control - Correct raises,illegal bets, full and 1/2 kills and straddles
  • Understanding and managing multiple side pots with ease and confidence
  • The Dealer' Tray - Counting bank and making change
  • Customer relations, talking the game, working with the "Floor Boss" and the House
  • Pushing pots, tokes, tips, rakes and house drops
  • Jackpot bonus, bad-beats, chip conversions
  • Hands on dealing lessons
  • Interviewing and dealing auditions